This post was written by Si on March 6, 2009
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Welcome to Westover.Org.Uk, a site built to bring like minded people together and to give outsider’s a hint into the scene since 1999.

The custom car scene has been part of Bournemouth’s history for over 40 years and has grown in popularity on both a local and global basis. This popularity has led to numerous magazines and entire industry’s being created to cater for the urge to modify, which in turn has brought many people together.

Strong groups of friends have been built on this and soon the cars matter less and the friendships take over. That’s what brings the people out night after night and makes them want to travel across the country to attend shows and hook up with even more petrol heads. Show’s such as Burnin’ B’mth are a platform for people to meet up at and show off their cars, so by it’s very essence the scene is extremely sociable with a deep seated respect for people and their customised rides.

The cars, just like the people, are extremely varied. With countless ways to enhance a vehicle by either styling, interior or performance changes and endless modifications being released, virtually anything can be done and probably has by one of Westover.Org.Uk’s members. This is why Westover.Org.Uk was built, it helps people on the Bournemouth scene share their knowledge with others aswell as help them meet up with other people with similar interests.

So, whether completely new to the scene or an old regular there’s something here for everyone. Enjoy your stay!

Come and join us in the forums…….

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